100% Chance of Fun

The countdown is over! Jazzfest 2015 kicks off tomorrow, and while the music and food will, no doubt, be amazing (no doubt pun intended), it does not appear that the weather will be. With tomorrow’s rain chances at 50% and Saturday’s at 90%, festers can be fairly certain that they will get at least a little soggy. While we can all agree that it would be more enjoyable to fest with the sun shining down on us and dry ground beneath our flip-flopped feet, we should prepare for, and even embrace, whatever Mother Nature sends our way. (After all, watching the skies open up and dancing to Dave Matthews in sideways rain two years ago is in my top ten Jazzfest moments.) There are, however, some ways to make yourself and your things a little less, well, wet. I posted these a couple of years ago, and they still apply today. Hope to see you at the fairgrounds!

Rainy Fest Do’s

  • Pack a poncho. If you forget, there will be “entrepreneurs” selling them at the gate, but expect to overpay.
  • Bring trash bags or a tarp to sit on if you are camping out to see a particular performer.
  • If you choose to carry an umbrella, be considerate of your neighbors and keep it low. Better yet, set vanity aside and utilize your poncho’s hood. It’s not there merely for decoration.
  • Place your cell phone in a Ziploc bag to save it from water damage.
  • Don’t forget sunscreen…even a few minutes of sunshine in between rain showers can result in a substantial sunburn.
  • Bring your sunglasses for the same reason. You never know when the sun will make an appearance.
  • Invest in some boots!  *Ladies, a cute pair will draw the eye away from your ugly plastic poncho.
  • Bring an extra pair of shoes for the drive home. Put your muddy boots in a trash bag (bring an extra, as you’ll want to throw away the ones you sat on) and your car will stay clean!
  • If you decide against boots, try to find a grassy spot early in the day. Any dirt areas will become mud pits as the day goes on, and sometimes that “mud” isn’t just mud. Your feet deserve better!
  • Think back to previous Jazzfests when it was sweltering and you were praying for a rain shower, or even just a small cloud, and enjoy yourself. You did pay $70, after all.
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