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Festin’ in the Rain

When you live in South Louisiana in early May, your two weather choices are basically hot and sunny or rainy, which can turn into hot and sunny (and steamy) in an instant. We’ve been lucky the past few Jazzfests. I really only remember one rainy day in the three years prior to this one. Sunday, […]

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Jazzfest Magic In the Gospel Tent

Anyone who has ever been to Jazzfest, or likely any music festival, knows to not necessarily expect, but to hope for a “moment”…one of those times during a show or a song where something magical happens, the music takes you over, and you are forever changed in some small way. I’ve experienced a few of […]

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Jazzfest…It’s Not Just the Music

Day 1 of Jazzfest is behind me, and according to my spouse, I was “giddy” walking in to the fairgrounds. This is truly my favorite time of year in New Orleans. Yes, even more so than Mardi Gras, which I can’t get enough of. The music lover in me just can’t resist seven days of […]

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A New Orleanian at Heart

Sometimes I sit and think about my life and I wonder when it happened. When did I stop feeling like a Texan and begin to think of myself as a Louisianan…and more specifically a New Orleanian. Was it while I listened to a great little street band in the French Quarter? Or was it while […]

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