Birthday Wishes for a Special Lady

This will be short because I have more things to do than I have hours to do them, but I can not let this day go by without acknowledging one of my favorite ladies. She came into my life (or I guess I came into hers rather reluctantly) twenty-two years ago and quickly worked her […]

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When Opportunity Knocks You Join an Art Show

Sometimes opportunity knocks and I’m too afraid to answer the door, but a couple of weeks ago, I allowed him to rush in and make himself right at home.  When a group called RAW Artists contacted me about showing my photos in a pop-up gallery called Magnify, my initial reaction was to ignore the message. […]

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Mardi Gras Reflections and a Pink Ribbon Connection

The beads have been sorted and donated or stored in the attic, the mantle is back to its boring, sparkle-free self, and most of the bustier and bra decorating remnants have been Roomba’d away (along with my magnetic eyelashes, but that’s a whole other post), meaning that I am officially out of Mardi Gras mode. […]

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Prima Donnas Set to Stroll Friday

Most people in New Orleans are familiar with the all-female krewes that have their own parades or the various dance groups that march in several parades throughout the season, but not nearly as many are aware of the walking groups that parade through the French Quarter the Friday afternoon before Fat Tuesday…the best Friday of […]

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Thankful for New Orleans – Day 19

Since I am on vacation, this week’s posts will likely be fairly short. I enjoy the writing, but I enjoy family time even more…especially when the family is in New York City.  Day 19 – Gas Lights Part of what makes New Orleans special and nostalgic are the gas lights scattered throughout the city, especially […]

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Thankful for New Orleans – Day 18

Day 18 – Sno-balls You might think that all sno-balls are created equal, but if you’ve ever had a Hansen’s sno-ball, you know this couldn’t be further from the truth. Let me back up for a second and explain that a sno-ball is, what some of you refer to as a snow cone. For the […]

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