HeadshotJulie was born and raised in Texas, residing there until 1996, when she moved to Louisiana. She tolerated her new home state until 1999, at which time she moved to the Chicago suburbs. It wasn’t until returning to Louisiana in 2000, that she truly fell in love with the area. She now thinks of New Orleans as home and can’t imagine living anywhere else.

She studied Journalism and Photography at Texas A&M, and taught those subjects, as well as freshman English for five years before becoming a stay-at-home mom. She enjoys exploring New Orleans with her camera and constantly finds new places of interest.

Julie has a passion for social media and has worked as a social media representative for Kickify for the last two years. In addition, she is a fitness instructor for Pelican Athletic Club, teaching ten+ classes a week, and she can be found trying to keep pace with the 20 somethings in Crossfit on a regular basis.

She and her husband Brett, who gave her Valentine’s candy in the third grade, have been married for 24 years. They have two funny children, Kyndall, 16, and Griffen, 13.

Julie is a regular blogger and photographer focusing on the beautiful city of New Orleans. She thanks you for taking the time to check out her work.

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