Searching for NOLA’s Most Unique Homes

If you check out the Instagram feed of any local photo bug, you will likely see the same ten to fifteen houses sprinkled throughout their feed. Don’t get me wrong, there are hundreds of incredible houses in the area worthy of posting, but these “superstar” houses, usually brightly colored or having some uniquely ornate details, appear more than the others.

I have this weird thing about these houses. I want my own photos of them, but I refuse to ask others who have posted their shots where the homes are located. Half of the fun for me is searching for these beauties. I usually have a rough idea of the neighborhood or general area where a particular house I am looking for sits, but I rarely have an address. If I do, it has been discovered through my own investigation. I don’t know why I play this little game with myself, but I do. I think I enjoy it so much because, while sometimes frustrating, when I do come across one of these homes, I feel like I have uncovered a hidden gem. (Or maybe not-so-hidden since everyone else seems to know where it is.)

This week, I had my best sighting to date. For probably two years, I have been in search of an incredible turquoise and purple gingerbread house in the Bywater. I have walked the Bywater dozens of times, with no success. Just when I had resigned myself to the fact that I would never find this home, I read a comment that gave me a little more direction. I set out Wednesday morning with my optimism in check, but with more hope than usual. When I made a left turn onto the street in question, I immediately spotted those vibrant colors, which elicited a squeal I am certain anyone with their windows open easily heard. I was thrilled to be looking at this incredible home, and I was elated when I realized that it is as beautiful as the photos I have previously seen. The many photographers who had come before me had not enhanced its beauty with filters or other tricks. This one was the real deal. To say my day was made by finding this home is like saying I’m kind of a Mardi Gras fan. I came home with lots of photos and a feeling that teetered somewhere between accomplishment and relief.

There is another well-photographed home that I am currently looking for, and I won’t be satisfied until it is part of my photo collection. I recently thought I had a good lead on its whereabouts, but I ended up on a wild goose chase which ended sans goose. I am looking forward to my own little celebration when I finally do find it…and I will. Wish me luck!

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One Response to Searching for NOLA’s Most Unique Homes

  1. Pete August 23, 2018 at 8:47 pm #

    The story behind the photos… love it! If you don’t stick some of these blogs on the back of the photos you sell, you should.

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