Thankful for New Orleans – Day 19

Since I am on vacation, this week’s posts will likely be fairly short. I enjoy the writing, but I enjoy family time even more…especially when the family is in New York City. 

Day 19 – Gas Lights

Part of what makes New Orleans special and nostalgic are the gas lights scattered throughout the city, especially in the French Quarter. While most cities converted entirely to electric lighting decades ago, much of New Orleans remains illuminated by gas lighting. These beautiful fixtures can be seen on many homes and streets, and provide a soft, romantic feel in the city. 

I love seeing these lovely lights flickering on the streets of New Orleans. It makes me a little sad when I see one that has been converted to electricity or when I see gas lights that are not burning. I wish gas lights burned outside every home and on every street in the city. If I ever run for office, maybe that will be my platform. 😉

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