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Thankful for New Orleans – Day 19

Since I am on vacation, this week’s posts will likely be fairly short. I enjoy the writing, but I enjoy family time even more…especially when the family is in New York City.  Day 19 – Gas Lights Part of what makes New Orleans special and nostalgic are the gas lights scattered throughout the city, especially […]

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Thankful for New Orleans – Day 15

Today marks the halfway point of my “Thankful for New Orleans” series, and it has been harder than I thought it would be to write every day. Coming up with topics is easy…it’s making time to put my thoughts on “paper” that has been challenging. My plan is to finish out this month, then commit […]

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Blending In

I have always loved my little solo day trips to New Orleans. Simply ambling around the uneven streets of this beautiful, historic city with no distractions, no responsibilities and no one but myself to entertain, satisfies that selfish part of me that craves alone time, at least temporarily. I can go where I want…do what […]

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Celebrating Mom in New Orleans

    There aren’t many things much better, in my opinion, than spending a spring-like day in the French Quarter, especially when it’s all dressed up for Mardi Gras. It’s fun to go with a friend or two, but I have absolutely no qualms about walking around New Orleans by myself. Maybe I’m a little […]

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