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Thankful for New Orleans – Day 6

Day 6 – Interesting People My topic for Day 6, interesting people of New Orleans, was an easy choice.  It seems that everywhere I turn in New Orleans, I am met by someone who could probably entertain me with some pretty colorful stories. While other cities feel the need to remind us of just how […]

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Thankful for New Orleans – Day 5

When I realized that today marked 100 days until Mardi Gras, I knew it would be the focus of today’s Thankful for New Orleans blog. There are so many facets of Mardi Gras, and I could write about it for weeks, but today I am focusing on the most beautiful part…parades! Day 5 – Mardi […]

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Thankful for New Orleans – Day 3

Day 3 – Doors Day 3 of my thankful for New Orleans challenge may sound strange to some of you but here goes…I am thankful for the doors of New Orleans. I know…doors are generally seen as no more than a means for going from outside to in…a necessity more than something for which you would […]

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Thankful for New Orleans – Day 1

I’ve never participated in the Facebook trend where each day in November you post something for which you are thankful. There’s nothing wrong with it…I just always assumed  I wouldn’t remember to do it each day  or, even worse, I would forgot someone or something that should have been recognized. There’s also a chance that […]

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Some January Fun

For most of us, the first of the year doesn’t offer much in the way of entertainment. The holidays are a thing of the past, college football is over, it’s cold outside, and those pesky New Year’s resolutions are taunting us like an annoying kid brother. I disliked January as much as the next guy […]

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Blending In

I have always loved my little solo day trips to New Orleans. Simply ambling around the uneven streets of this beautiful, historic city with no distractions, no responsibilities and no one but myself to entertain, satisfies that selfish part of me that craves alone time, at least temporarily. I can go where I want…do what […]

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