Thankful for New Orleans – Day 9

Day 9 – Live Oak Trees

There are few things more magical than a Spanish moss-draped live oak tree. Yes, I mentioned the oaks in my City Park post on Day 2, but they are special enough to receive their own entry. Today, on Day 9 of my series, I am thankful for these magnificent beauties.

Growing up in an area where trees were almost non-existent, I am a little obsessed with the giant-sized oaks. Imagine trees so large it would take four to five adults holding hands to encircle their trunks. Trees with limbs that stretch dozens of feet, oftentimes horizontally, sometimes continuing their journey on the ground. Trees that dwarf normal sized houses, and occasionally force larger vehicles to find a different route. These are the trees that grace New Orleans’ neighborhoods, parks, and lakes. The McDonough Oak in City Park, estimated to be approximately 800 years old, is the oldest known oak in the city. Many others are well into the hundreds of years, making me feel like the proverbial spring chicken.

I sometimes sit under the oaks, hoping that some of their wisdom will rub off on me, inspiring me to write things that matter. Other times, I just sit quietly and admire their beauty. It makes me smile thinking that, years after I am gone, these gentle giants will be continue to stand strong and bring inspiration to young and old…and even those in between. 

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