Thankful for New Orleans – Day 14

Day 14 Streetcars

With this being the 185th anniversary of the streetcar, today’s thankful topic was an easy choice. I’ll be honest…I’ve only taken a few rides on streetcars in New Orleans, and I should really do it more often. They are such an iconic part of the city, and I love seeing them start and stop, as they make their way both uptown and downtown. 

Whether taking the iconic green St. Charles Line, the oldest continuously operating streetcar in the world, or one of the red streetcars on the Canal Street or Riverfront Lines, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time, especially with fares of only $1.25.

The St. Charles Line travels down the neutral ground of St. Charles and Carrolton, giving riders a look at some of New Orleans’ most historic and beautiful homes, as well as a glimpse of Tulane and Loyola Universities. (For you out-of-towners, “neutral ground is just a local way of saying median. Why? Because New Orleans has a language all its own.) These antique beauties, complete with mahogany seats, blend in with the surrounding live oaks and seem to be a part of the landscape.

The red streetcars don’t have quite the same charm as their green counterparts, but they are pretty, and they do have air conditioning! Tourists can take the Canal Street Line to City Park, while locals use this line for commuting to the CBD or Mid City. The Riverfront Line takes its passengers to tourist attractions such as the French Market, Aquarium of the Americas, and Harrah’s Casino, among other popular spots. Children enjoy the ride, and adults enjoy not having to fork out hefty parking fees. 

With our mild temperatures, there’s no better time to take a ride on a streetcar. Just make sure you have the correct change, or better yet, download the RTA GoMobile app. And, whatever you do, don’t call it a trolley!

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