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Another Goodbye

This morning, I watched my firstborn’s bright green Jeep disappear from the neighborhood, as she headed out for her fourth semester at Ole Miss. Many of my friends whose children are nearing the college years ask me if saying goodbye gets easier, and while it’s probably not what they want to hear, I always answer […]

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Baby, You Were a Star…

I haven’t blogged in a while, and my plan for today was to write an article on one of my favorite topics, Jazzfest, which starts this weekend. After learning of Prince’s death this morning, however, plans changed, and it is with his music playing in the background that I find myself trying to keep my feet […]

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Come Sail Away With Me

The unmistakable sound of the school bus was the last thing I wanted to hear this morning, especially after my repeated requests for Griffen to stop piddling and get ready, but we both recognized it as it roared past our house. He insisted that we could catch it at the next stop, so we hurried […]

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