Baby, You Were a Star…


Pages from my celebrity scrapbook that, yes, I still have.

I haven’t blogged in a while, and my plan for today was to write an article on one of my favorite topics, Jazzfest, which starts this weekend. After learning of Prince’s death this morning, however, plans changed, and it is with his music playing in the background that I find myself trying to keep my feet still and put my thoughts about his role in my life into words.

For those of us who lived out our high school years in the awesome 80s, Prince was as much a part of our world as big hair and shoulder pads. My earliest memories of Prince begin somewhere around my freshman year, with songs like I Wanna Be Your Lover, Little Red Corvette, 1999, and of course, Darling Nikki, the one we listened to in secret because our parents would never have approved. 🙂 Prince was incredibly talented, controversial, a little naughty, and, somehow, a bunch of kids from the Texas Panhandle felt a connection with this weird little purple-loving guy from Minnesota. It was when the Purple Rain album was released, though, that his music became the soundtrack of our days and nights at HHS. How many hundreds of times did we play When Doves Cry? Some of us were scolded for a suggestive move or two in a dance routine performed to Let’s Go Crazy at a pep rally my junior year. And, of course, there was Purple Rain, a beautiful melody with such powerful lyrics. We could sing these songs in our sleep. I almost wore that album out during my record store girl days , and I sold a copy of it to just about everyone I knew. Prince’s music was innovative and energizing and just plain fun. When the Around the World in a Day album was released, I fell in love with Raspberry Beret, listening to it ad nauseam on my Walkman. I will always associate that song with a school trip to Colorado, as I think I basically just hit play and rewind for the entire bus trip. It is truly hard to think of my high school years without Prince somewhere in the background, as the two are so intertwined.

While I continued to enjoy his music in college, and even after, it is 80s Prince that will forever have a special place in my heart, and it is his music from that decade that has provided me solace on this sad day. A sea of purple has swept away my blues.

I will be at Jazzfest this weekend, and I expect there will be many Prince tributes from various performers.  I hope to feel a little bit of his magic at the fairgrounds, and I’ll be ready to dance and sing along.

For tonight, though, I will let his music take me back 30+ years, and I’ll smile and maybe even dance a little while I’m there. Oh, and it is raining. Wonder if it’s purple…

Thank you for a funky time, Prince. You will be missed.


2 Responses to Baby, You Were a Star…

  1. Janice Krantz April 30, 2016 at 9:42 pm #

    I’m so pleased you 1) friended me and 2) posted this blog. I’m equally pleased that I stalked your FB PAGE and found this post. Beautiful reflection.

  2. missygwrites June 10, 2016 at 9:46 am #

    You painted the picture perfectly (in purple).

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